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Unknown Cyclist 03-13-09 08:36 AM

Does anyone want another PBSF thread ?

I've just bought some Smart 1/2 Watt rear 'Superflash' lights and a couple of the Bspoke rear lights.

These are apparently the same as the Planet Bike Superflash lights.

Would anyone like a review of them ? :)

10 Wheels 03-13-09 08:39 AM

No, I have three of the Smart SF.
Mine seem brighter then the PBSF.
Do yours seem brighter?

Unknown Cyclist 03-13-09 08:44 AM

Alas, I live in the UK and Planet Bike doesn't exist here.

We have to make do with Smart lights that haven't been rebadged. :(

CaptCarrot 03-13-09 04:00 PM

I feel this is my fault.

The problem I see (ignoring the Bspoke) is that there appear to be 2 models of Smart SF. One with the SF and one with a 1/2w LED that flashes out of sync, but otherwise at the same rate.

I think the only useful thing would be able to categorically say which was which for us UK patrons.

Unknown Cyclist 03-13-09 04:08 PM

Hi CC.


CaptCarrot 03-13-09 04:31 PM


Unknown Cyclist 03-13-09 04:55 PM

Going to import some genuine Superflashes ?

CaptCarrot 03-13-09 05:04 PM

not sure

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