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smessvader 03-17-09 09:58 AM

I want HRM + Cad -- Polar CS200cad or Cateye V3 or??
I think my title says it all; I currently use a Cateye Astrale 8 which shows speed and cadence, and have a separate HRM, but I'd really like to have one device that does all three, under $150. The two models that seem to fit the bill are the Polar CS200cad and the Cateye V3 (either of which I can find on sale or on ebay for ~125). I've frankly read mixed reviews of both, so I wanted to see if anyone here has used either one and can comment, and/or recommend another device.

I know that Polar has the uplink feature, but I have a Mac so I'm not sure it even works, and from what I've read it doesn't seem that handy. As a minus for the Cateye, I've read that for calorie expenditure, it doesn't ask for your weight, which would mean it's only a rough estimate. My guess based on company history is that Polar is better for the HRM features, but Cateye will be better as a speed/cadence device. Any other thoughts? Thanks for your help!!


Stiffknee 03-17-09 11:06 AM

I have been using a Vetta V100HR for about 9 months now and it has performed flawlessly for me. It is wireless with speed, cadence and HR but it does not have uplink nor calorie expenditure. However, it is a steal at $70.00 (on sale) at Performance Bike!

dekindy 03-19-09 08:06 PM

I am in the same situation and cannot decide what to do either. I think I am going to wait for the next generation of computers or power meters and for prices to reduce further unless my Astrale 8 quits working.

dfisha 03-19-09 08:28 PM

pbk has the cs200 for 109 shipped :)

dfisha 03-19-09 08:40 PM

err the cs200cad is 125, the same as ebay. Thats what i'm gonna pickup but i'm hoping a used one shows up on craigslist.

smessvader 03-20-09 08:02 PM

Yeah, I'm torn. For now, I have the Astrale and my Reebok HRM (which isn't perfect, but does seem to stay pretty accurate) both on my bike -- it feels a little low rent, but sometimes I really have to control my urge to spend more money on this hobby and just live with what I already have for a while, until I really see the need. I think when I do get a new computer, I'll go with the Polar, since it seems to be better at giving accurate HR readings and calorie expenditure -- but not for a few more months at least!

mds2004 03-22-09 11:28 AM

What about the Sigma Rox 8.0?

SmokedDeathDog 03-23-09 04:51 PM

I do not know how much this will help because we have not had them very long but... my wife and I both have Polar CS200 that I got for us around Christmas. We have only been on a few rides outside and they have worked flawlessly. Now I have been using them on the trainer (has front speed sensor so no speed) and have had no problems what so ever. My wife and I ride together at home and there is no interference. The heart rate and cadence has worked great.

I rode this weekend and it rained for the last 30 minutes. The CS200 was fine and had no issues. I used it today while on the trainer and it was fine.


Nick1979 03-26-09 11:54 AM

I love my V3, having used it for nearly one year and several thousand miles in all conditions. Despite the usual English weather and being quite often in big groups (clubruns and races), I haven't seen a single glitch in the data and the V3 never let me down. The display is big and clear (but the CS200 seems good as well from the pics I have seen), the lap functions are useful to compare several laps/segments after the ride (average speed, HR... for each lap). The fact that you only have one sensor for both cadence and speed is nice as well (one less battery to change!). On the other hand, you can only use one heart zone at the same time (you can configure several but only use one at a given time) and I don't find the feature very pratical to use, so I do without.

As I'm becoming a bit more serious about my training, I now need the ability to upload to a computer and especially want my computer to guide me in my exercises (intervals...) so I will probably move to Polar (CS400 or 600) soon. But will definitively keep the V3 for the 2nd bike!

The V3 also uses a 2.4GHz digital transmission which is supposed to be more reliable, the CS200 (and 400) apparently uses an older technology, hence the stories about interferences we can find on forums.

If you don't need to upload data and can find at a good price, I would suggest the V3!

sfuzer1971 03-26-09 03:56 PM

I have been using the Polar CS200 CAD for over a year. I have been very happy with it. It is has performed flawlessly and seems very accurate. The one thing that I do not like is the size of the cadence sensor. While it is not huge, it does not fit properly on my new Cervelo. If you have a frame with weird shaped tubes (like the Squoval for Cervelo), then you might have some challenges mounting.

Herbie53 03-26-09 05:20 PM

I vote for spending the extra $150 for a Garmin 305 -- you gain good elevation/grade data as well as being able to look at your results on a map as well as some cool built in training programs.

GaryBy 03-26-09 09:26 PM

Most all the vendors have their manuals online, so it's possible to read them and see whether an individual model has the features you really need. Or, if you're really fussy like me, look to see which ones will display the data you want most easily.

Polar doesn't use hardwired connections for their uploads. They mostly use audio, although some use infrared (with an IR-USB interface available). I've seen a fair number of reviews complaining about it being difficult to maintain a connection with the audio approach.

I currently have a Cat Eye CD300DW, which has one of the first single unit speed/cadence sensor. As I look for a replacement, I don't think I'd consider it an advantage to have a single unit. I think it's harder to get them both aligned properly, and the adjustable arm can be knocked out of position.

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