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sfuzer1971 03-26-09 07:42 PM

Cyclocomputer recommendation
I currently have a Polar CS200 with wireless cadence and was planning to mount it on my new Cervelo RS. After experimenting with multiple different placements of the wireless cadence sensor, it became apparent that there is just no aesthetically pleasing place to mount it (the sensor is just too darn big and mounts wierd to the Squoval tubing).

So I am thinking it is time to invest in a new computer. I am most concerned with the system being wireless, that it has all the typical features plus cadence and heart rate. What is your recommendation and why? Thank you…

Unknown Cyclist 03-26-09 07:50 PM

Sigma - features, build quality, reliability.

GaryBy 03-26-09 09:42 PM

I think the choices, other than Polar, are Sigma, Cat Eye, VDO, and Suunto.

I wouldn't let the aesthetics of the sensor influence you. Most people won't notice, and of those who do, they'd probably be more impressed by it.

My older Cat Eye has stood up, and I'd consider another if they had PC connectivity, but they don't. The Sigma is the cheapest of the remaining three, with a good reputation, so that's what I'll probably get. The VDO looks interesting, but I haven't found any justification for the higher price. The Suunto has a really neat, modular design philosophy, but its even higher price is the factor against it. Unfortunately, none meet my needs entirely, so I may get a separate heart rate monitor instead.

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