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powerhouse 04-06-09 03:03 PM

Helmet & PBSF - Advice Needed
I'm looking for advice and ingenuity that would allow me to attach a PBSF safety light to the back a Giro Atlas II helmet. Please read further before replying.

One day I discovered a great way to increase my visibility while riding. By clipping one of my Planet Bike SuperFlashes) PBSF to the bottom piece on the back of my Giro Atlas helmet, the light was mounted high enough so that almost everyone would notice. Motorists (for a change) were slowing down and giving a wide berth before they passed me. In addition, the placement of the light on my helmet was helpful at times when I needed to turn my head or dismount. I was pleased with what I had found.

When it came time to replace the helmet, I found that the current models were made differently and did not accomodate my PBSF as my previous one did. This was so for helmets made by Bell, Giro, and other companies. I ended up buying the Giro Atlas II as it fit me best, safety light or not ( Meanwhile, my former helmet is no longer usable.

I'm looking for advice from anyone who would know how to attach the PBSF to the helmet WITHOUT ruining the helmet or the light. Is there a way?

I welcome any recommendations that you may have.

RepWI 04-06-09 03:15 PM

I do not have a specific answer for you, but, I would recommend that any solution for a mount you come up be one that the mount can break away in case of an accident.

You do not want the mount to catch and snap your neck.

dekindy 04-06-09 07:02 PM

I would do this one instead. LED tail lights are too directional to be placed on a helmet that causes the mounting angle to change constantly. This one is not as bright but everyone that has seen mine says that it is highly visible and are impressed with the self leveling feature.

ultramagnetic 04-06-09 07:03 PM

I've been trying to come up with a system to mount a SF to my helmet, a Bell Venture, as well. Your helmet looks somewhat similar to mine.

One option that I've almost gotten around to is to take a short, small diameter piece of PVC and glue it to the top of the shell at the very back where it is almost flat. It would be a stubby little vertical post atop the very back of my helmet. I found a "reducing connector" at the hardware store and cut in half in order to use the smaller diameter section. The SF seatstay mount would then be clamped to that and it would allow the light, when mounted, to overhang the back of the helmet. Depending on how far the light is from the edge of the shell, it would be adjustable to some degree.

My only issue has been deciding on glue to use and sanding the base of the PVC piece so it fits the slight double bevel of that part of the helmet's shell. I would also like to figure out a retention system so that if the mount were to fail, I wouldn't lose the light. Probably a zip tie threaded somewhere. As I'm not riding at night much now, the project is on hiatus.

I actually just now found the BLT Wazoo DX helmet light mount available separately. I had found the light before and the mount caught my eye but I didn't want to buy another light just for the mount. It looks very similar to the mount used for the PBSF. The seatpost mount for the non-helmet Wazoo DX looks almost identical to Planet Bike's. If it's compatible, it's just a matter of fitting that velcro strap to your helmet.

powerhouse 05-05-09 01:11 PM

UPDATE: After asking both fellow bicyclists and bicycle shop owners beyond Bikeforums about my situation, none of them were able to offer any helpful advice.

But one day I did find an inexpensive (however imperfect) solution to my problem. by winding a thick elastic rubber band through the back of my Giro Atlas II helmet and up through the clip of a PBSF superflash safety light, it held well enough so that people riding or driving behind me were able to see it. Due to the flexibility of the rubber bands, it was not held up as directly as it had when all I had to do was clip it to a small plastic piece on my former, defunct helmet. To augment my visibility, I had two other PBSF's mounted to the chainstays of my bicycle.

If anyone has any further recommendations, please keep them coming. I look forward to hearing them.

jsharr 05-05-09 01:35 PM

Planet Bike does make a rack mount for the SuperFlash. Seems like it would not be hard to zip tie this to back of a helmet

However, the swivel mount helmet specific light that dekindy linked to above would be a better choice as it keeps the light more level, and thus more visible to drivers behind you.

jdmitch 05-05-09 01:38 PM

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Here's what I'd Try. Realize this would be "permanent" in the sense that it won't be an on/off deal.

1) Flip PBSF upside down.
2) Roll up a bit of old innertube (pink circle)
3) Zip tie inside of clip (green lines)
4) Adjust with more innertube to get the angle you want right.
5) tighten the bad boy down.
6) If you find you need to readjust later... clip zip ties and start over.

Friction from the compressed innertube should be more than enough to keep it from slipping past the zip ties.

bicycleflyer 05-05-09 07:03 PM

I don't own a PBSF, so forgive my asking. Does the PBSF have a clip? If so run some double sided Velcro through the vents and clip onto it. Should not flop around like the rubber bands. Double sided Velcro is available at any hardware, sewing, or mega mart. Sometimes marketed under the name "one-wrap".

znomit 05-05-09 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by dekindy (Post 8679084)
LED tail lights are too directional to be placed on a helmet that causes the mounting angle to change constantly.

PBSF is particularly directional.
I use cateye LD100s. Very lightweight, easy to attach.

Yes I run one or two other taillights on the bike too.

SlimAgainSoon 05-06-09 10:29 AM

I zip-tied the PBSF's clip to the back of my helmet.

Mine is an older Bell. With newer helmets you might have to shim it out with ... I dunno, anything handy -- to get it at the right angle. Easily accomplished.

And let's have a moment of reverance, shall we, for the man or woman who came up with zip ties. Awesome tool.

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