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Slumcat 04-07-09 02:43 PM

Soldering wires on bike's computer
I have a Giant Prodigy DX. I must have snagged one of the wires, where the computer face is integrated into the handlebars, because part of the copper wires are exposed through the black cable, and I'm not getting a reading on the computer. I took it to bike repair shop, but they told me they don't do soldering there. I'm not going to get a soldering gun and try to do it myself; I would just make the problem worse and probably go blind in the process. What should I do?

DennyV 04-07-09 11:10 PM

I'd contact Giant and see what they recommend. The unit might be replaceable. Otherwise If I were you I'd ask around for somebody who does electronic repairs, they should be able to help you.

nickthaquick1 04-08-09 09:16 PM

ehh..i wouldnt try it yourself unless you know what your doing.. I tried it to my laptop and not it is buried

bicycleflyer 04-08-09 11:09 PM

I've soldered a couple of comp wires. One that I cut by accident. The other two I fitted a plug in line. That was for my Bike-Friday. I wanted a way to remove the computer quickly for packing while leaving the fork sensor attached. All of them worked fine afterwards and I'm still using them.

Soldering is not that hard. Find a friend to do it for you. Worse comes to worse, send it to me.

bicycleflyer 04-08-09 11:19 PM

I just re read your post, is the computer still working? If so, and all you are worried about is the exposed copper wire. Then go to the hardware store and get a product called Liquid electrical tape. It is thick and sticky, and is applied with an applicator brush in the lid. You will need to apply two or three coats and allow each to dry before applying the next. But once done, it is well sealed.

sch 04-15-09 08:11 AM

Best bet is to buy a new mount, check the web site to see if they are available. Most comps have
mount kits for using one comp on multiple bikes. Repair would require ohmeter and low watt soldering
iron (20-40W) and some 1/8 and 3/16" heat shrink tubing. Ohm meter to make sure the stripped
wire ends have continuity to the mount in one direction and to the pickup in the other direction.
Checking at the pickup end would require moving the magnet close to the pickup to close the reed
relay and checking continuity that way. If all this is mumbles in the dark, just get a new mount,
or a new comp, they aren't very much.

Shimano flitedeck comp wires have polyester threads in amongst the copper, making repair of those
much more difficult. Can't say about others, but the 3-4 repairs I have done other than the flite
deck were straight forward.

24X18 04-22-09 07:41 PM

I've done lots of this stuff..
..its not real cool... need to understand how a
So you attach a metal a Needle Nose grab up the heat..generated by the soldering process..
It may not work..and you destroy your product...
Most times we attempt to submerge the solder joint in cold water...
Sometimes I even just blow my breath on the hot solder joint...
Its real chancey...
Try a CRIMP--connector...then move to a solder joint.

totoroben 04-30-09 09:59 PM

single wire soldering is very easy to learn, I havent done circuit boards yet. I use soldering to wire up my LED strips to the battery.

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