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deepakvrao 04-12-09 07:11 AM

Are wireless computers really so bad?
Lots of criticism of wireless in this thread

are any of you facing any issues? I really want to buy the rox 9? Till now I'm using a Cateye with cadence [wired] and it works great but I want incline, HR, altitude etc and the rox seems to have it all but is wireless.

Unknown Cyclist 04-12-09 10:46 AM


Are wireless computers really so bad?

dar83 04-12-09 10:53 AM

wireless computers always gave me fits. tried 2 of them, one on my road bike and one on my mountain before switching over to the wired cateye

ChiapasFixed 04-12-09 05:36 PM

have used wireless cateye computers on 3 bikes for as many years...
never had a problem beyond having to change a battery or two (and they last a long time)

znomit 04-12-09 05:58 PM

No problems with my cateye wireless.
I've had issues with a few wired computers in wet weather(only reason I went wireless).

zebede 04-13-09 05:07 PM

Cateye Strada Wireless- going on 4600 miles. (approx. 1 year)

-no new batteries needed yet.
-dropped it
-rained on repeatedly
-has not needed any calibration
-always sees sensor signal (except when sensor was bumped away from magnet.)
-super easy installation
-clean installation

I have one on a second bike but have only put about 500 miles on it in 1 year. Same behavior.
Get one for under $40.;3207-07'

TromboneAl 04-13-09 06:04 PM

2,000 miles on my Cateye vectra, and it has always seen the sensor signal, even when I forget to put it back on, and it's in my pocket.

RayB 04-13-09 11:50 PM

I use a cateye V3 and have had no issues with the wireless and commute in Tokyo where if your going to get any interference it is going to be here. Also, I use a front dyanmo which I have heard sometimes causes wireless issues. And no problems yet given both of these conditions.

ChiapasFixed 04-14-09 12:07 AM

have heard interference issues are caused more by the electronics associated with battery packs, and especially with lights on blinky mode. I believe hub dynamos do not cause interference....
all hearsay of course, I will tell you my personal experience as soon as I get my hub dynamo and cateye strada equipped Tikit next month...

z415 04-14-09 12:19 AM

I would not go wireless - on one ride I apparently never went past 14mph. It wasn't even like regular interference, it just chopped my speed down by 8 or 9. Weirdest thing ever. Maybe my HRM?

bmorey 04-14-09 03:49 AM

I had a wireless comp and ditched it. It registered front lamp flashes as a wheel revolution -- I was doing 17kmh when stopped. I believe this is a common issue. Now have wired Sigma and have never looked back. Simple, inexpensive, reliable.

deepakvrao 04-15-09 01:04 AM

Thanks guys.

I think I have no choice but to go wireless if I want a HR, incline etc included. Will pull the trigger on the Rox 9.

mushwars 04-15-09 06:35 AM

however... dont go cheep! I tried the bell wireless computer. not only does the battery never keep a good connection so it is constintly reseting, but it stops registering your speed when you reach 18 mph. somthing about the sensor not sending the data fast enough to record your speed. I got the bell wired f12 computer, so far no problems. sure it has a wire, but only you see it. :)

lazlo 04-15-09 08:31 AM

I've been having intermittent problems with my Sigma computer, and finally discovered that it's my PB Blaze headlight that's causing the interference, whether on solid or strobe mode. The cheap Bell light I usually have on strobe doesn't cause any problem. It does seem to be finicky even when no lights are on, though. If the sensor isn't set just right, it cuts out easily. I'm about ready to just get a wired one.

GaryBy 04-15-09 10:49 AM

The only real problems I've had with my CatEye CD300DW are a) getting and keeping the cadence sensor positioned properly; and b) interference with my old Polar HRM. The interference is a known problem with this model, which is an older one. I'm replacing it with a ROX.

You do have the option of using a wired model with a separate HRM, perhaps at the same cost. You'd have to wear the HRM watch, but that seems minor. I don't think the ROX has any metrics on the device that combine bike and HRM data, but I'm not sure. You'd also give up integrated uploads of the data. I chose the ROX because I began with wireless as a requirement, but since you don't seem to require wireless, I thought I'd point out the option.

socalslowguy 04-17-09 02:54 PM

I only have experience with one model and that’s a Vetta V100 with wireless speed and wireless cadence which I’ve been using for over 5 years. I really like it and I would say it’s as accurate as a wired computer. Occasionally at the end of a ride I will see that the max speed is artificially high so it means there was a momentary spike but it’s never been enough to throw off the total distance by a noticeable amount. I also like to ride with a Polar heart rate monitor strapped to the opposite side of the stem and I don’t notice any interference between the two. I don’t have any lights mounted so I can’t speak for interference from a lighting system.

I think it’s important to keep fresh batteries in a wireless system. When I notice the cadence reading becoming intermittent I’ll replace the batteries in the computer and both transmitters. Cost is under 5 bucks for all three batteries and I do this once or twice a year.

Falchoon 04-18-09 02:19 AM

My Polar CS200CAD has an intermittent problem relating to the HR readout. When I get on the bike for the first few kms my HR is well over 200 even though I'm only rolling along. I estimate it is reading ~100 BPM too high. It goes back to normal after a few kms. I have changed the batteries and it still does it. Does it from different locations too, not just from home. I might try buying a different tailight just in case this is somehow causing the problem.

Another 'problem' I had once with the Polar was when I was on a group ride and the rider beside me had a Sigma HRM and I was getting their HR displayed on my computer! Could be handy in a race to know what HR your opposition is at so if they are reading high you could just push a bit harder and make them blow up!

GaryBy 04-18-09 08:12 AM

I had the 200 bpm problem wearing my old Polar HRM with my old CatEye dual wireless, CC-CD300DW. CatEye even documents the problem on their web site. I could imagine another rider's older computer interfering with your Polar's pickup, but if it's happening with no interference sources nearby, I'd contact Polar.

There are some standards for HRM transmitters, which lets them interface with fitness equipment at gyms. So I'm not surprised that your Polar receiver can pick up other transmitters, even though your transmitter is supposed to be coded. The way around that for you is to make sure you synchronize with the receiver before getting near other cyclists - that's assuming your goal isn't to spy.

shmily_dana 04-22-09 05:25 PM

My Cateye Strada does not like my Niterider in any of the low power modes. Also, the mileage comes up a bit short in the 12w mode. The mileage if I just use 20w agrees closely with the mileage without the light on the bike. I also notice that I had a dead zone near some machinary.

bikechain 04-26-09 05:07 AM

I've used wireless computers for years with now problems.

bikechain 04-26-09 05:08 AM

I guess I have a problem spelling no.

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