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peanut_man 04-14-09 12:00 PM

Quick Qsn on Garmin Edge 705...

I did a search and there's so much info I got lost. Sorry if this has been asked before from another Garmin Edge noob. :)

Just got my 705 yesterday. In process of loading NA maps (from my old City nav, probably 2006 version) Basically, there are routes loaded on sites like, say, or I want to export those routes and load them into my 705 so that I can use navigate. There are several options: GPX, HST, CRS. Can I use any of them? Or would one a better format to use than other?


luv2climb 04-15-09 11:08 AM

GPX - Can be of two flavors, auto-routeable or breadcrumb. The auto-routable version will guide you from point A to B with on screen pop-ups. Should you get off the route it will adjust the route to keep you moving in the right direction. The breadcrumb version simply displays on the map the path you should be following.

HST - Not compatable with the Edge as far as I know.

CRS - A course file. Contains a breadcrumb path to follow, elevation profile of the path, and potentially the virtual partner info allowing you to race the partner. The newer version of this file type now has a TCX extension.

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