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kuan 04-21-09 06:06 PM

DX shipping (again)
How long once it leaves Hong Kong before it gets to the Midwest United States?

Pig_Chaser 04-22-09 07:44 AM

Dunno 'bout the states, but i would typically forget i had ordered anything by the time it arrived in Canada :P

wmt3rd 04-22-09 08:25 AM

About a week.

RamFan 04-22-09 08:46 AM

It was about 2 weeks to cali.

Unknown Cyclist 04-22-09 08:47 AM

That is if it arrives and they haven't sent you the wrong item.


probe1957 04-22-09 09:15 AM

It took me about 2 weeks. They sent me an email that said the P7 was backordered and would be sent seperately but I got all the stuff at the same time.

unterhausen 04-22-09 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by probe1957 (Post 8778673)
It took me about 2 weeks.

I think my stuff came in a little over a week from the time they said it was shipped, 2-3 weeks from the time I ordered it. I was not pleased that the main item was shown in stock until I ordered it, and then showed back ordered. I'm used to dealing with another company in HK, and if they say it's not in stock it's best not to order. With DX, it worked out ok.

degnaw 04-22-09 01:49 PM

Two of the three items took 2 weeks; the last took a month.

socalrider 04-22-09 04:09 PM

If it is in transit, 7-10 business days is the norm..

rightcoastmarin 04-22-09 06:13 PM

Three weeks to Canada's east coast

kuan 04-22-09 08:26 PM

So far 4 days to get from HK to Jamaica, NY.

ronsmithjunior 04-23-09 10:12 AM

I put in an order on 3/7. The first part shipped on 3/18, the second on 3/30, and the third on 4/11. Still waiting on the last part, which of course is the good stuff. The first two parts showed up maybe a week after they say it shipped.

Btw, when DX says it shipped and when HK Post says it shipped can be two very different things.

Armed with other people's experiences I knew to order and then just wait. I figured a month or so, total, to get delivered here in San Diego.

kuan 04-24-09 07:01 PM

So left HK on the 17th, got here on the 24th. I have to pick it up at the PO though because I wasn't here to receive it.

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