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quester 06-29-09 09:13 PM

Anyone used the Busch/Muller Ride & Charge?
Ride & Charge

I've got one paired with a SRAM i-light (discussed in another thread). I was talking w/ Peter White about replacing the i-light as I get an annoying vibration at 12mph. Rather than just go ahead and sell me a new $250 hub, Peter has agreed to put a ride&charge on a bike on a stand and see if he can re-create the vibration using a Schmidt hub.

In the meantime, anyone else use the ride&charge? If so, have you noticed such a vibration, and in either case what hub are you using?


echotraveler 10-11-09 07:06 PM

that sounds very cool!

canopus 10-12-09 04:05 PM

I would probably change my light and before changing the hub... especially if the ride and charge only works with the IXON... (Put the IXON up on the block and get a better one with a stand light)
Can you describe the vibration and feel? Can you hear it? Is it only when the light is on or the ride and charge?

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