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GraysonPeddie 07-19-09 12:18 PM

Fancy Cyclocomputer with black display
Please pardon me if I didn't do a search for cyclocomputers before I post, but are there any cyclocomputers that are large and not wireless? I mean, something that has a black display made with high contrast in mind (either colored text like white, yellow, green, etc. -- even red is fine as long as I can read it during the ride) . Sure, I could geek out by going with Windows Mobile or Symbian (I don't want an iPhone as I need features that are fit for business/personal use), but I'm looking to spend less than $100. I already have a Sprint Samsung Ace (equivalent to AT&T Blackjack II), but it doesn't have GPS built-in. Plus, my QWERTY phone is not a touchscreen and with keyboard very small, it's not that easy to communicate while riding or stopping, as I'll have to keep an eye in the road and look for traffic.

Kong N.E.R.D Down looks cool with a black display, but like I said, I like something that is more fancy and large. I'm a data freak, but the Garmin Edge range of products are out of my price range, so something basic would be nice.

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