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kclv1988 07-21-09 08:53 AM

LED headlights + tail+FL
Hey guys I know buying good lighting system from your bike could be quite expensive.

I found this DIY lighting systems

Tail Light

Head Light


Let me know what you guys think please

I am into this type of stuff, so I plan on manufacturing these or others for my first tour in the summer of 2010

xtrajack 07-21-09 09:08 AM

I like the concept but have no electronic skills.

sknhgy 07-21-09 09:35 AM

Just go to the "Electronics, Lighting, and Gadgets" forum and look up P7 flashlights. Superbright for around $35, last time I looked. They also have a $10 red flashlight for the rear that will blind you. They use rechargeable 18650 batteries which are laptop batteries, I believe.
I use these lights and have no problem seeing or being seen.

prathmann 07-21-09 09:39 AM

Is your planned tour one that requires particularly good lights? I've usually just taken a small battery LED headlight that doubles as a camp flashlight and the usual blinky taillight. But then I'm not really planning on much night riding - it's just good to have along in case the need arises.

If you do go the DIY route with lights I'd suggest building them well in advance of the tour so you can have them on your bike for some extended rides under various conditions. Nothing like a good field trial to determine any weak points in the mount or electronics that may fail due to vibration, rain, temperature variations, etc.

znomit 07-24-09 03:35 AM

Luxeons are pretty old, and if the cyan was a good idea all our cars would have blue headlights.

See for some more up to date builds. A single cree/SSC light is probably sufficient for touring where speeds don't often pass 25kph.
If you're planning to ride significant distances at night a dynamo hub may be useful.

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