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tailslid1 07-25-09 09:17 AM

Sigma Customer Service
I bought a Rox 9.0 a couple weeks ago. I finally installed it on my Lemond Alpe D'Huez. I rode a couple times without the heart rate monitor and the computer worked flawlessly. The wireless speed and cadence sensors synched up immediately and didn't drop out on any of the rides.

As I learned more about the unit and the logging capabilities, I decided it was time to try the heart rate monitor. I've used my Polar FT60 for quite some time and it has worked very well. I put on the monitor, but it wouldn't synch with the computer. I went on about 3 rides of over 20 miles and never recorded my heartrate.

I emailed Chad at Sigma. He thought the monitor was faulty so he offered to ship me a new one free of charge! I received it yesterday and it worked immediately. Chad asked to have the old one sent back when I had time.

How can service get any better than that?

I just thought everyone here should learn of my experience. All to often we complain of the companies that offer poor service but do not give the proper accolades to those that do.

Kudos to Sigma for service over and above expectations!


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