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Profoxcg 07-29-09 12:27 AM

Accidents: Electronic on board and other parts
I just odered a sigma rox 9... it is still in the mail, but tonight I had a very small accident. I fell down a stop intersection. I lost balance and the bike tipped of toward the side that I have uncliped.

Anyhow, My water bottle was open so I spilled some on my water over my leg which was under my bike.
I scatched my new pedal, the brake lever of my 105 shimanos STI and I scuffed my knee alittle bit.

Overall there was i would say a good amount of damage from such a stupid tip over.
Has anyone who had a Sigma rox or Cateye had an accident? Had the computer stayed attached to the bike and not gotten damaged?

By looking at how the Sigma used rubberbands to attach its components, I am affraid that they will fly away in an accident. The Sigma or cateye V3 are $200 computers, not cheap at all. What about GPS and phones ?

Also, can replacment parts be bought to replace what you damage? for example eventually I would like to replace the brake lever I badly scuffed, the rachet on my brand new mavics =( an others.

Profoxcg 07-29-09 03:01 PM

no one can chime in?

GTALuigi 07-29-09 06:51 PM

my GPS, phone, all-player, computer are all attached using velcro
last time i had an accident, they all stayed intact

the only thing that flew out was my water bottle, which i did not realized until i was 10km away, and thirsty... so had to pedal all the way back to recover it.

and i lost my thirst after finding it covered with leaches... it was next to a river bed

Profoxcg 07-29-09 07:29 PM

that is good to know :thumb: I plan to use some zip ties so it should be the same.

prathmann 07-29-09 07:37 PM

I use a pretty generic GPS in lieu of a bike computer and always attach it to my stem with rubber bands. It has never come off and one clear advantage of this mounting method is that if the bike falls over and hits something the GPS can just be pushed out of the way since the rubber bands stretch. With a more solid mounting the force of the impact could much more easily end up breaking the GPS.

Profoxcg 07-29-09 07:59 PM

do you have a pic of your mounting?

Absolute 07-30-09 08:58 AM

As for your brake leaver, I would be surprized if you could not find a replacement part.

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