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vontan 07-29-09 01:57 PM

kinetic power computer
I recently bought a Kinetic trainer and just purchased the computer. Now that I have the computer I wonder if I shouldn't just return it. I can't stand the idea of wires since I use my bike off and on the trainer, but mostly off. I don't see an easy way to take the computer off and on when I want to use the trainer. I liked the idea of watts but I also have a forerunner 305 and I ordered the cadence for that. Considering the bother of the wires on the kinetic and that I will be able to see my cadence with the forerunner while on the trainer, do I really need the computer for the trainer too? I figure all I really care about is cadence anyway while on the trainer, or is there more? I haven't installed the computer yet but it looks like it will just be a big bother with all those wires.

chuckb 07-29-09 07:08 PM

The Kinetic trainer power calculation just depends on speed, since the trainer has a known power vs. speed curve. If you have a rear wheel speed sensor, you can just use that. See here for the power vs. speed curve.

vontan 08-09-09 01:01 PM

Thanks for that link. I installed the forerunner cadence and what I didn't realize is that it will record the distance and speed along with the cadence while on the trainer. That's really all I needed, so I can save the 50. I spend on the Kinetic computer

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