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tgosnel 07-31-09 08:43 PM

mirror help mtn biker riding on road

I am brand new to mountain biking, but am doing mostly on road with hybrid tires. Can you guys offer advice on a helmet or bar end mirror. I tried the Bike Peddler Take A Look this evening and could not see a thing. I seen over on MTBR the reviews of that product were road bikers. Because of lying down if you will they can see more with this thing. I could see nothing. Really would like a helmet mirror but mayble that's not an option and only barend. Thanks for advice.

barturtle 08-01-09 01:10 AM

I really like my Blackburn Helmet Mirror.

jeffh129 08-01-09 07:13 AM


Here's your answer. You can order them from any bike dealer or places like Nashbar.

Not the Slowest 08-05-09 12:32 PM

Bike Peddler Take A Look works fine for me and most of those I ride with use them.
There are 2 models, compact and regular. The regular or original is a bit longer.
When you put hem on, keep your head straight and try to catch the mirror at the corner of your eye. It may take a few tests (at home) and you should be all set.

The advantage of mirrors on the glasses vs the helmet is that glasses do not rattle as a helmet may, certainly not up and down.


Kevrob 08-05-09 12:37 PM

I have had good luck with the Mountain Mirrycle. I had it on an X-Mart fauxMTB, and transferred it to my Univega Trail hybrid. I don't ride off-road much, but the mirror can be folded if you expect to be riding where it is likely to get clipped.


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