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lain11644 08-09-09 12:56 AM

Is there a way to upload course onto edge 205 without GTC
I'm planning on a multi-day road trip and I will bring an Eee PC 2G with me because of its super light weight (for swapping the course in Edge 205). This thing comes with Linux OS and I don't know if I want to install Windows on it. Since the Garmin Training Center is not supported on Linux, I was wondering if it's possible to upload a course onto Edge 205 without having to go through GTC?

I vaguely remembers somewhere on the internet I've seen people claiming that they just directly drop the .crs file in one of the folders in Garmin Edge. I haven't received my Edge 205 so I can't test it. Does anyone know if that'll work? If not, is there any way around this? Thanks!

chand0x 08-09-09 12:59 AM

Have you tried Garmin Connect?

lain11644 08-09-09 01:10 AM

Garmin Connect seems to require another program called the "Garmin Communicator Plugin," which is again only supported on Windows and Mac :(

The reason I don't want to install windows is because the Eee PC's only got 2GB of hard drive.

luv2climb 08-09-09 08:15 AM

To the best of my knowledge the drag and drop feature only works on the 605 and 705 because they mount as external drivesn when plugged in.

Why not just load all the courses before you leave? How many days is the trip and how many mile each day?

lain11644 08-09-09 01:09 PM

I see. It's a 3-day trip from San Francisco to Ventura in southern CA. The total is probably about 400 mi (I haven't planned it out), but there are quite a number of turns because some parts of the Pacific Coast Highway is not accessible to cyclists. So I'll need a lot of waypoints...

luv2climb 08-09-09 01:44 PM

If you have the courses ready now try loading all of them to the 205. Training Center will tell you if they wont fit. Be sure that you dont have any other courses on your Edge. If they all fit then you won't have to worry about loading them up on the road. Be sure to purge all history before you leave so that you don't run out of space on the ride and loose your hard earned proof!

wrengland 08-10-09 08:30 AM

There are some third party programs out there, though I don't know if they'd be any more likely to work with Linux. I've recently tried out Ascent (, but I believe it's Mac-only.

mtalinm 05-25-10 07:00 PM

reviving this thread. my new edge 305 keeps getting the can't-communicate error with GTC although it works fine with the GC website.

would delete GTC entirely except I can't figure out any other way to load courses onto the handheld. it doesn't mount as an external drive, and the GC website doesn't really have the concept of "courses" as far as I can tell. moreover, I can't load a .tcx or .gpx file exported from a map into the GC website if it doesn't have "activity" data.

any thoughts or am I stuck with GTC? I've done a hard-reset of course but that only fixes the problem temporarily.

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