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bourget117 09-17-09 03:28 PM

Minewt USB and Busch and Muller ixon IQ
I just purchased a Niterider Minewt USB a few weeks ago. Still trying to decide if I should keep it or return it and go for a B&M Ixon IQ. The Minewt is light and well made. The beam is extremely bright when i tried it in my back yard. Lights up a large area with a huge round circle of light. Even when i shine it up toward the trees I can see everything almost like daylight. Now heres the difference i noticed when i use it on the bike. On dark paths with some light or car headlights head toward me, it seems only half as bright when in my yard. I have to tilt the light downward to keep from blinding other riders, joggers or even cars. But when its tile down and its very bright in front of me other cyclists and runners are almost impossible to see coming at me untill the last minute.
I have read several good reviews on the Busch and Muller Ixon and Ixon IQ. I am seriously considering the IQ and returning the Minewt. What are some peoples opinions on this. Would there be a significant difference between the two? I plan on only using one light for the front for “to see” and “being seen” in low light and almost no light conditions.
Any opinions or reccomendations?


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