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dfarinwi 09-18-09 08:42 AM

British Light Review Superior
Have you seen this British Light Review?

In my opinion, several things make this review superior to the reviews available at other sites.
1) Photos of the lights in a real world setting show an open road where you can compare the full reach and distribution of the light beams.
2) Seperate photos of the light beams on a wall target allow you to see how they distribute the light produced.
3) Measurements of the light produced include scores for both overall light and the brightest part of the light beam.
4) The reviews incorporate dynamo powered lights.

Drawbacks include the following
1) The lights are those available in the European market (Lupine, Dinotte, B&M, Schmidt available here)
2) Mistaken camera setting for one of the pictures wasn't corrected (B&M IQ CYO)
3) The open road setting doesn't have road signs, brush, or trees near the sides of the road to show how the light illuminates objects to the sides for off-road riders.

I find the German road lights very interesting, and would love to see similar reviews for lights available in the American market.

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