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alejoint 09-21-09 06:18 PM

mavic or cateye
i need a new ciclocomputer for my roadbike and the ones that seems to be the best are the mavic wintech ultimate and the cateye triple wireless so i was wondering if you had any coments on them

alejoint 09-22-09 01:51 PM

help anyone please??

tacomadm18 09-22-09 04:16 PM

I have the Mavic Wintech,,, with cadence and HR monitor,,,,, works great,, love it,,,,,,


canopus 09-23-09 08:20 AM

I had a Mavic Wintech wireless HR. Loved it except for the fact that sometimes the pickup gets messed up and begins to tally way to many miles on. I am going to go with a Sigma wired cadence computer next. Heart rate is nice but I would rather have cadence since I need to work on that and I need the reliability that wired has.

sjthursday 09-25-09 12:25 AM

Mavic. Don't forget to change the battery

ridecuzican 10-18-09 10:39 AM

Don't purchase this unit
My unit leaked after 2 months and mavic will not honor warranty through dealer saying it got "wet". Of course it did, it was raining. You can't deal direclty with Mavic. No real weight savings once you add cadence unit. No average cadence. Instructions are difficult to read. Altimeter is not accurate. Screen layout is difficult to manipulate. Go with someone that knows computers (cateye, garmin, etc).

long john 10-18-09 10:51 AM

bike com
cat eye
my com is 23 years old and still running. cat eye has lots of models to pick from.

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