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bones davis 09-21-09 09:15 PM

Trying to decide on power source.
Thank you first of all to those people that replayed to my first post, there were some good suggestions and I really appreciated them. I was wondering how many of you transfer your light between several different bikes or if you have a light for each bike. I was contemplating a hybrid system that would use a generator and batteries. The problem with this system is that it would not be easily transferable between bikes, so I was just wondering how many people out there use multiple lights. The problem with the generators is that they only produce between 3 and 6 volts and the problem with battery powered systems is the chance of running out of juice when you are ridding.

swwhite 09-23-09 09:00 AM

I am trying to move away from car use as much as I can, so I have four bikes, all ready to go under all conditions, which means all have lights. The folder has AA-battery-powered LED lights. The urban runabout has a generator. The two main bikes have homemade lights that run on lead-acid batteries. Because they are homemade, and use lead-acid batteries (less expensive than other kinds), I can afford separate lights. If I wanted "better" (brighter, more expensive, longer-running, nicer-looking) lights, I might do it differently.

ItsJustMe 09-23-09 10:26 AM

LiIon batteries have gotten really cheap, and with the runtime you can get with them, you probably wouldn't have to worry that much about running out of power.

I bought a MS P7 system, and put the charger in the garage with the cord hanging right there. It has a 3 hour run time, and I run typically 40 minutes per direction, most of the year the lights are only on in one direction, so I plug in every 2 days. I could go 3 or maybe 4 but it's better for the batteries to not run them down, and it takes 10 seconds to plug the batteries in to the charger, and this way I've always got an hour in the tank so that even if I have a flat or something I'm OK.

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