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Billy Bones 09-25-09 10:35 AM

HRMs with IN Zone Alarm
[Yes, I searched.]

I'm looking for a basic HRM that beeps when I'm IN target zone, not out of it. Cheap is good, too.

The only ones I've found are the Sports Instruments HRMs, alas from a defunct business and increasingly difficult to find still operating. The good news is that when you find 'em, they're cheap. . .lots of clever features, too.

Anyway, I'd rather hear the beep when I've 'climbed' into Zones 4 or 5 rather than listen to it nag me endlessly during warm-up or between sets. Make sense?

Grazie mille.

Billy Bones 09-28-09 12:30 PM

No takers?

dwc032 09-30-09 06:32 PM

Mt Omron does low and high beeps. Get on Amazon and search for Omron.

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