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stingray66 10-06-09 11:10 AM

magci shine charger problems ?????
Ok Now I have a new problem I had my battery pack charging a few hours and the charger light was red
I picked up the battery pack and the light keeps going from red to green I have the connection in all the way to the point were it clicks in BUT if I turn the wire just a little it keeps going from green to red like there is a lose connection . Has any one had the problem???? right now I do not know if it is charged up or is charging up . When I frist got it I just pluged it in and all was good I had it on the bike connected but last night before I went to bed I unpluged it because I thought the green light on the back would run the battery down > so now it looks like the connction is now lose

ItsJustMe 10-06-09 11:30 AM

Assuming you got it from them, call up Geoman, they'll take care of you.

FWIW, I've measured the current draw, and leaving the green light on for 24 hours will only reduce the run time by 6 minutes.

stingray66 10-06-09 01:13 PM

Ok thanks so a few days will not hurt. The charger problem I think I fixed it I just took a pin and on the charger'd end pushed the contacts a little and it now seem to work I did get it drom Geoman so if it continues then I will contact him I am also going to get a secound magci shine to try I think with two of them it will work
It was the same thing when I tried one task force and then tried two. worked great
I guess that is why cars have two head lights. Today you see a lot of motorcycles that have two

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