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eggnoggbubble 10-06-09 05:46 PM

cateye stopped working after getting wet (while switched off)
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I'm new to this section, but can be found regularly in the utility section.

My cateye rear light was working fine, then got wet in a rainstorm (while it was switched off - the bike was parked), and has stopped working. It's not the batteries (i recharged, tried some others that work in another light, and checked the original batteries in the other light), and I tried scraping the contacts with a screwdriver.

anyone any other tips for how to get this light working again? It's a nice bright light when it works....

thanks for any advice

happy pedalling

eggnoggbubble 10-09-09 12:47 AM

ok, no one can help, may have to buy a new light, snif

doctor j 10-09-09 05:43 AM

Once in a while, my Planet Bike Superflash will stop working if it gets wet. In each case, I have removed the batteries and dried the light with a hair dryer set to the coolest temperature. That has worked.

I wrap them in plastic wrap and secure the wrap with a rubber band if I know or suspect that the ride will be wet. This works as well.

2_i 10-09-09 07:07 AM

What might help is to wash the internal circuitry in distilled water and then drying off.

Not the Slowest 10-09-09 08:03 AM

Open the case
let it dry out for a day or two, a hair dryer can help
Place it at an angle so any moisture can drip OUT.

If that fails return to LBS or contact Cateye, bet they (cateye) replace it.

eggnoggbubble 10-10-09 11:23 PM

thanks for the tips guys, I've left it open for days now so it should have dried out, no joy tho. there isnt any moisture on the inside of the light lens (the red part) so theoretically its all dry inside. The lid part (that also has the switch (and circuitry, presumably)) has nowhere i would be able to see moisture, I'll try propping it up. Not sure if cateye will replace, i doubt i still have the proof of purchse (bought this light in 2005), but i'll give it some thought.

thanks for the posts

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