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RVD72 10-07-09 11:03 AM

Garmin 705 issue (combined multiple days into 1?)
This is probably an extreme newbie question but I did some searches and didn't find anything.

I was using my Garmin 705 yesterday morning when I noticed that it said that I had already gone 9 miles. I went on a 9 mile climbing session last week (the last time that I used the Garmin). I pressed start/stop to start and then went on a 40 mile ride.

When I got home to upload, It said that I had gone 49 miles, etc...

It basically combined both days into yesterday's ride.

How do I stop it from doing this? In the past I always uploaded data from the Garmin to my computer after each ride but I didn't do that last time. I'd like to use the Garmin for a few days and then upload all at once. Is there a way to reset it at each trip so that it knows that it's a new day and new trip?



paulrad9 10-07-09 01:20 PM

Reset between trips (is it Hold+Lap)?
Use Mapsource and cut up the GPX file as needed?

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