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shortshorts 11-19-09 11:59 PM

The tiniest pump in all the land!

I'm in the market for a little bike pump to take with me when riding.
I don't want one of those co2 jobbies, and short length is more important than slimness.
I was kinda eyeballing these soma atom pumps.
The smallest of the bunch being just under 4 inches.

I'm mainly looking for something really portable that would work well enough just to get me home back to my floor pump.
If it did both types of air valves that'd be fancy too, but i'm mainly interested in presta valves.

I saw these crank bros pumps too

Anyone have any suggestions or preferences?

Ziemas 11-20-09 12:06 AM

In my experience tiny pumps simply don't work well, and often tear the valve. The smallest I've used that's worth a damn in the Topeak Mini Morph.

old and new 11-20-09 12:54 AM

The Mini Morph works very well. lists some smaller ones. I used a friends small one in a pinch once. We were on vacation, he'd brought HIS bike, had a pump but I needed to fill a bunch of cruiser tires, it was doable, the pump was tiny. Bear in mind that the tiniest pumps are just under 8" and the normal minis are about 9", think about the advantage. Smallest should be OK, pressure not volume...
Ones that you've listed go to 100psi; Top peaks exceed that so consider that as well.

njkayaker 11-20-09 03:39 PM

I have one of these. It sits fairly-unobtrusively under/next-to the water bottle.

Giro 11-20-09 06:07 PM

Another two favorably reviewed Lezyne pumps to consider are the the Micro Floor Drive HP and the Micro Floor Drive HPG (HP=High Pressue, G=gauge). They have an even longer hose than the Topeak Minimorph but are made of metal (less liable to break) and are lighter. The do cost a bit more.

The important design features of both the Mini Morphs and the Micro Floor Drive pumps are the hose (prevents breaking or shearing off the valve) and a fold-out foot that rests on the ground under your foot. This allows you to really pump down hard and efficiently, unlike a hand-held pump with no hose where you have to push against yourself from both ends. Some cyclists say this type of fold-out foot pump is so good they don't use their full size floor to top up their tire pressure.

10 Wheels 11-20-09 06:12 PM

This is very good pump.
Used one for two years.

danarnold 11-20-09 06:17 PM

My frame pump is the SKS puro. Works fine and very small.

agarose2000 11-20-09 09:40 PM

If size is really that important to you that you need a micro pump, you really should seriously consider CO2 pumps. They're tinier and faster than all listed above. (And a lot cheaper, too.)

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