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johnt112 02-04-10 09:12 AM

kryptonite locks
Please forgive me if I have posted this thread in the wrong place. Today I will purchase my first new bike in 10 yearsand remembered a story from a friend of a friend who claimed his kryptonite lock was picked and his bike stolen,kryptonite supposedly did not pay his claim.
With that said,I called krpytonite a few minutes ago and was told by customer service that they have never heard of a lock being opened that way. Wow! I did a quick google search and found a site that sells the locksmith tool to do this for about $200 dollars and the only verification to purchase it was you initialling that you were allowed by law to have it.
So,my question is has anyone had their lock picked or heard of anything like this? I know no lock is infallable,but I don't want to buy a lock and worry every minute about it. Aside from the ny3k,does anyone have any other favorite lock?

10 Wheels 02-04-10 09:20 AM

You worry too much.
If a thief wants something , he can steal it no matter what you do.

I had my car stolen from a secured parking garage, 4th floor at a business where I worked in Security.

Get a bike and ride like you own it.

ItsJustMe 02-04-10 10:11 AM

Don't put too much faith in any of the lock guarantees. Read the fine print; you have to jump through quite a few hoops to get a payout. I gather it's actually pretty rare to actually collect on this.

Oh, and a few years ago Kryptonite locks were being picked trivially; all you needed was a Bic pen and some people were able to open the locks in seconds. The rep was either ignorant or lying.

I don't think bike thieves buy $200 tools that only can pick specific locks. Bolt cutters are cheaper and open a lot more locks. For $200 they could get a battery powered angle grinder and open anything. In big cities, people have tested it and you can just walk up to a bike, take an angle grinder to the lock and walk away, and nobody will bother you about it.

froze 02-04-10 10:59 PM

So buy a used junker or a WallyWorld bike and park that into risky areas, and leave your good bike at home for serious riding.

But if you must ride the bike your worried about, use two locks. The Krypto NY Fahgettaboudit U-lock is a very good lock that a Bic can't pick. The best way to use this lock is to remove the front wheel and move it alongside the rear, then lock both wheels to the frame to a solid post-not a tree or something someone could just lift over, or a flimsy chainlink fence etc. Then buy a second lock like a thick Kryptoweave cable lock or OnGuard Rottweiler 5024; run this through both wheels the frame and to the secure post. Why a cable lock since cable is so easy to defeat? Because whatever will defeat a U-lock with hardened steel won't defeat a cable and vice a versa, and most thieves won't carry two different tools to defeat two different locks, they will instead move on to an easier bike to pop.

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