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bktourer1 02-08-10 05:45 PM

Vistalite Lightstick switch/headlight shell
Anyone have an old Vistalite headlight shell or a spare switch from this headlight?
I found the co. that made the switch but can't find the exact switch.
I have the charger and found where I can get new batteries.
There isnt a decent electronics shop in the Springfield MA area

Any help appreciated.



areles 02-08-10 11:00 PM


Try Weber Sports ( ). They have a switch listed. Not sure if its the on that you need.
They had the parts that I needed last year.


bktourer1 02-09-10 07:41 AM

I need the push button switch that goes into the shell that the bulb goes into. They dont have this switch
This switch has the power connector built into it.

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