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slipknot0129 02-12-10 04:35 AM

How do I mount back on bike computer?
I fell off my bike and my bike computer came off. the brackit that was holding it on is broke. How do I get a new bracket to put it back on?

RacerOne 02-12-10 04:38 AM

What type of computer is it?

slipknot0129 02-12-10 04:48 AM

Really small cheap one that had a plastic bracket. The brand was echo and it only has one button.

bktourer1 02-12-10 05:39 AM

If it was reaaly cheap, head over to Walmart and get the $10 Schwinn. 6 functions and works well

rumrunn6 02-12-10 05:48 AM

I had a similar issue with a cheap computer's wire getting pulled out of the bracket. there was no way to open the bracket to repair the wire so I just bought another.

if your wire is intact then maybe you can remount the bracket with zip ties or electrical tape ...?

slipknot0129 02-12-10 06:30 PM

Its wireless and I took the back off and it looks like somthing can slide back into it to mount it again.

rumrunn6 02-12-10 06:31 PM

pictures grasshopper, pictures

slipknot0129 02-12-10 07:32 PM

My camera is really bad it would look blurry.

rumrunn6 02-12-10 07:49 PM

zip ties and tape

kjc9640 02-13-10 02:12 PM

Planet Bike, cheap and good....

RonH 02-13-10 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by kjc9640 (Post 10399242)
Planet Bike, cheap and good....


SlimAgainSoon 02-15-10 12:17 PM

Zip ties and super glue make for powerful options for the enterprising DIY-er.

slipknot0129 02-16-10 05:37 AM

I super glued some leather strips to the piece that goes onto the back of the computer and I tied it around the bar. Now all I got to do is super glue the string to the bars so it doesnt slide around.

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