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bobthib 03-01-10 08:11 PM

WTF is going on with my 305???
About 2 weeks ago my new (refurbed) 305 stopped recording data about 1/2 way though a 50 mi ride. It appears that the stop/start button got got depressed but I can guarantee I didn't hit it. It's on the stem and I see where it was in the ride and I know I didn't hit it.

I reported it to Garmin and they had me do a hard reset and reinstall the firmware. That went well and it seem to be working fine. Until today.

This morning I turned the unit on and instead of the normal Edge splash screen I got some weird screen with tiny writing I couldn't read. I turned it off and on and it was still there. Then I hit either the mode switch or enter, and I got the normal bike display.

I started out, but I kept getting some kind of error message and the speed would drop to 0 even though I was doing 19 or so. That went on for about 5 min and then it was OK. I rode about 3.6 mi to my daugher's house and hit the stop button.

After about 2 hrs, I got back on the road again. Hit start and took off or a 42 mi ride. The display acted normal. Speed, cad, hr, time, miles, etc, reported fine. 2:38:43, 42.8 mi, 85 cad.

Then I went in and hooked it up to the computer. TC came up and downloaded the ride files. Thats when it got weird. It repoted the ride as Mar 31, 2007 and I went 373.3 mi in 22:24:09:24 hrs, and I did it in 54 laps! The first lap appeared to be the first ride to my daughters, and the last lap appeared to be the rest of the day's ride. But there was no GPS data, so I can't be sure.

So what's up with that?

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