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Payne 03-05-10 12:36 AM

need help with Cateye Double wireless cycling computer
I recently bought this from a friend. It was working fine until I was curious and pressed the reset button located on the backside of the sensor unit. Now the sensor has stopped working. I tried putting new batteries in hoping that it would start reading the magnet again but no luck. I looked through the manual online but did not find much in the way of answers.

If has encountered this problem before or has any suggestions please let me know. thanks.

mumei 03-06-10 10:19 PM

Call them. From my experience, they have pretty good customer service.

Surfindixon 03-07-10 02:06 AM

I have the same unit and it has never let me down so it does sound like a defect. Go with mummel's suggestion and get in contact with them.

FYI: I also use a couple of cateye el220 up front and, when they're both in flashing mode, the computer doesn't pick up the heart rate monitor. There's product integration for you.....

Steve530 03-08-10 08:57 PM

The computer is no longer recognizing the sensor. You need to set the Sensor ID again.

Payne 03-09-10 12:30 AM

Thanks for the suggestions.

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