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bobthib 03-11-10 12:37 PM

My Garmin 305 is DEAD!!!
Just returned from a ride. Connected the 305 to the computer and I loaded TC and downloaded the ride file. I got some error message the file, but I don't remember what is was. The file seemed to load OK.

I then went to Garmin Connect to upload the file there. Everything started OK, but the blue like went across and froze. I looked at the garmin, nad the screen was blank. No "Battery Charging in progress" or anything. The power button did nothing. :eek:

I called Garmin Customer support. It said I had a 15 - 20 min wait, but after about 8 - 10 min I got Wayne on the line. After I described what happened, he told me to press and hold the "Lap" (RESET) and "Mode" buttons for 5 sec. Then he said to try the power button.

Voila! It powered up. Wayne had me try Garmin Connect again and it uploaded the file no problem this time. :D

stonecrd 03-11-10 12:43 PM

Like any computer doing a reset is the first step, google is faster than the help desk

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