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MileHighMark 04-02-10 11:40 AM

Best tail light for seat stay mounting?
Looking for a very bright tail light that'll mount securely to my seat stays (or rack bosses or drop outs).

Considering the following:
Busch & Muller Relite D
Blackburn Mars 4.0
CatEye TL-LD1100
PDW Radbot 1000
Serfas TL-200
Planet Bike Superflash

ItsJustMe 04-02-10 11:50 AM

Dinotte 400R. Undoubtedly the best. You didn't mention a budget amount.

Doohickie 04-02-10 11:50 AM

The Superfash is the most popular. It works fine.

snydly 04-02-10 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by ItsJustMe (Post 10613956)
Dinotte 400R. Undoubtedly the best. You didn't mention a budget amount.

Got mine a couple weeks ago - probably the last light I'll have to buy! Worth the cash IMHO.

MileHighMark 04-02-10 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by ItsJustMe (Post 10613956)
Dinotte 400R. Undoubtedly the best. You didn't mention a budget amount.

I'd prefer something that's "self-contained" (and takes AA or AAA batteries).

ItsJustMe 04-02-10 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by snydly (Post 10614061)
Got mine a couple weeks ago - probably the last light I'll have to buy! Worth the cash IMHO.

Agree, though I just have a 140L, I decided that I couldn't really justify NOT getting a Dinotte taillight.

I'm an utterly cheap bastard, I'm still riding around with 5 year old, $20 bike shorts where the cheap padding has half unravelled, and I'm agonizing over spending another $25 each for a new set of shorts, but if the Dinotte died right now, I'd order another one instantly.

I don't actually like the AA setup on the Dinotte. It works OK and is fine for commuting, but if I had to count on it long term in uncontrolled situations, like on tour, I'd get one of the LiIon versions.

MileHighMark 04-02-10 01:06 PM

I'm also curious about Princeton Tec's Swerve.

Seagull01 04-02-10 01:38 PM

The 4.0 has a single 1 watt red LED and two less powerful orange side facing LEDs. It will be bright, judging from the 1 watt flashlight I keep in my truck.

ks1g 04-02-10 07:02 PM

From the list the OP gave, I'd go with the PBSF for seatstay mount - it comes with 2 mount clips, one sized for seatpost, the other more appropriate for seatstays. I would also look at the PBSF knock off Performance sells.

And if you want insane amounts of rear-ward illumination, get a Dinotte. (I have a Li-ion model on my commuter and the AA version for the road bike

mijome07 04-02-10 07:42 PM

Planet Bike tail lights. :thumb:

MileHighMark 04-14-10 09:32 PM

Change of plans.

I'm mounting one of these to a Tubus rack:

A second light is going on the seatpost. Which one, I don't know yet (the light, not the seatpost). REI had several on display, and I spent quite a while looking them over. The two that stood out the most were the PB Superflash and NiteRider Cherry Bomb. The Princeton Tec Swerve looked promising, but I don't think the o-ring (aka, rubber band) mount would stay put.

znomit 04-14-10 09:43 PM

Just a note the Mars4 bracket is designed for seatpost mounting and won't angle correctly for seatstay mounting.
I use two PBSF. The cateye ld610 is an option too... though mine started to rattle after a while.

dmac49 04-15-10 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by MileHighMark (Post 10614275)
I'm also curious about Princeton Tec's Swerve.

It's an ok light that I keep in my seat bag until I need it. I'm not keen on the rubber band type mounting however it is a bright light and I haven't had problems with it yet. Easy on and off. I like it .

rumrunn6 04-15-10 08:50 AM

just my opinion but that is too low. I have 2 one on the back of my rack and another on my left drop bar. I'm thinking of adding a 3rd to my helmet

MileHighMark 05-01-10 07:22 PM

I bit the bullet and picked up one of these:

bicycleflyer 05-01-10 10:43 PM

Welcome to the Dinotte club. I think you are really going to like that set up.

MileHighMark 05-01-10 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by bicycleflyer (Post 10752578)
Welcome to the Dinotte club. I think you are really going to like that set up.

I'm amazed at how bright they are. I took them outside around noon today, turned them on, and they really stood out. I'm going to add a PDW Radbot to the back of the bike (one light will flash, one light will remain steady), and between the lights and a screaming yellow PI vest, I should be pretty visible to motorists.

Recumbentracer 04-15-11 01:54 PM

Realizing this is an old thread, but probably the best place to mention the disclaimer up front... the DesignShine is my own creation (and yes, it's a play off of the MagicShine name). When I went looking for the best seat-stay mounted taillight I could find, the Dinotte was obviously it. But the price made me hesitate. Thinking I could build something even brighter for less, a year later, I definitely hit the "brighter" target, but the "less" is pretty much impossible (if you're going to build it in the USA).

The DS taillight is a seat-stay mounted light that is smaller than the 400R (which IMHO is a bit misleading since its actually 240 lumens), li-ion powered, quick release, TWICE the lumen output of the 400R, 5 power levels steady and flashing, wide and focused beam pattern, all aluminum. Like everyone says, a light like this is not cheap, but if budget is not an issue and you absolute want the ability to set a barn on fire from a mile away, then check this one out... DesignShine. It's on YouTube at:

ItsJustMe 04-15-11 02:23 PM

RE DesignShine - why not just use a Nova BULL? I mean, other than the fun of building something yourself. Maybe this is a little brighter than a Bull, but since the Bull is used in police car light packs, and looking anywhere near one was painful when I saw one on a cruiser in the last 4th of July parade in bright sunlight, it's probably bright enough.

Looigi 04-16-11 07:21 AM

Lots of good lights out there...but mounting to thin seat stays can be problematic. One trick I've used it to use a short section of thick walled silicone rubber tubing slit lengthwise to fit around the stay and clamped under the light mount. Hobby shops have it for coupling exhaust pipes for gas engines, but other rubber or plastic tubing can work. One thing to watch for is the angle of the seat stays. On frames, often smaller frames, the stays lay down such that they interfere with the bottom of a properly aimed light.

Recumbentracer 04-18-11 11:54 AM

I did look at that class of lighting for adapting to the upright bike, but in the end there were a number of limitations:
1. The optics on the BULL are for a horizontally mounted light (realize Whelen has a vertical version somewhere).
2. It's physically HUGE compared to the DS. The DS front face is only 2"x1", compared to 4.37"x1.66" for the BULL. I market the DS to roadies who don't want much extra weight or a big bulky light.
3. The DS incorporates li-ion battery management whereas the BULL does not. Although you could run the BULL on an SLA, again the li-ion is the way to go for lightweight and long run times.
4. No brightness control on the BULL. Need to be able to throttle back at night. The DS is controllable from 1Watt of output up to a FULL 10 watts.
5. You haven't experienced a BRIGHT red LED until you see almost 10 Watts of pure red coming out of 6 CREE emitters. The DS is in a category all it's own when it comes to daytime visibility.
6. Easy quick-release mounting and adjustability. When you pay this much for a taillight...($200+), you definitely need to be able to quickly release it from your bike and put it in your pocket.

So yes, the Nova Bull certainly could have a place on the back of the bike, but it just wasn't the best solution for me. By the time you add a li-ion pack, charger, wire, switch, and some sort of mounting system to the BULL, you're more than half-way to the cost of the DS. I sell the DS as a complete kit, optimized for seat stay mounting, but it can also be mounted on the seat post as well, for taller riders with more exposed seat post length.

Full tech brochure at:
(Now working on version 3 model with anodized case)
Safe riding!

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