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FitzM 04-08-10 02:01 AM

Best GPS application for a Mac
Hi I've got a Garmin 305. While the device is great the application is at best OK. Can you recommend a good application that will work on my Mac or online?

eddiejclayton 04-08-10 02:54 PM

Take a look at Ascent, I've been using it for the last few years and it works great for me.

Shimagnolo 04-08-10 02:56 PM

From Garmin, these are free:
- Garmin Training Center (to dl ride data)
- Web Updater (to install the latest firmware)

chuckb 04-12-10 12:06 PM

+1 on Ascent. Very good.

eddiejclayton 04-12-10 12:21 PM

Another good one I've been messing around with in addition to Ascent is RubiTrack:

gtragitt 04-12-10 02:26 PM

Use It is quite good. I also have a Forerunner 305. I use the wireless speed and cadence transmitter. I get all the information I want on the web. The only thing missing is power output.

chauve_souris 04-13-10 09:05 AM

I'd also look at TrailRunner. I had a hard time deciding between it and Ascent, but I think TrailRunner has better overall workout logging (i.e. it's diaries) and has nice route-planning at the expense of slightly less control over individual workout data graphing/statistics. While RubiTrack has a nice Mac look-n-feel to it, I found the graph-style not as nice as Ascent/TrailRunner and my big complaint with it is that it seems to ignore GSC data in favor of only using the GPS coords, making it unsuitable for use with a trainer.

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