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Seattle Forrest 04-14-10 01:30 PM

Garmin BirdsEye satellite imagery
Anybody have this yet? I know it's not really necessary for cycling, in fact, it's likely to be more of a distraction than an asset. On the other hand, I'm probably not alone in having other uses for my GPS unit. ( Mine goes kayaking and hiking with me as well, and especially the hiking could benefit from the sat images. )

Apart from how it works out in the device, if the open data is worth considering, whether you need an SD card for this and how that works with the topo maps ... I wonder if anybody knows the answer to a more specific question? The maps are locked to one device, but, anybody have a guess as to whether you can load then to or from the GPS unit from multiple computers? Sorry to be asking here, although I notice that more than a few cyclists have Garmins of some kind, so I hope others will have some interest in this...

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