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MWPdx 04-15-10 10:02 PM

Where can I get some >1watt LED's?????
My apologies, as this isn't really bike related but I figured people on here might know about this stuff.

Is there any place (not online, but an actual store) where I can get some really bright leds? Preferably ones that would run on 12v or normal household current. I can find them pretty easily online but I need them by tomorrow morning. I'd need blue, red, and white ones. I'm doing a research project in biology about how well plants grow under red and blue light vs white light and power consumption and all that. I know I know it's already been done but shhhh.

I thought they'd have them at an auto parts store (like those fake cop-lights people get sometimes) and they kinda do but they're not that bright. Radio shack doesn't have them online but I'm gonna go in tomorrow and ask. I can't really think of anywhere else that would have them. I know I shoulda done this earlier but... why do it earlier when I could wait until right now? Or something... right?

unterhausen 04-15-10 10:45 PM

rule of procrastination is to know when the last possible moment you can wait and still get the job done. Waiting until after that moment is no longer procrastination.

ItsJustMe 04-15-10 10:55 PM

It'd be nice if we, you know, knew where you lived. I assume somewhere in the U.S. given that you're talking about Radio Shack. Someone who lives in your city may know a place. I know an eBay dealer who lives within about 20 miles of me in Michigan, for instance.

But at 9 at night? I don't know of any all-night LED stores.

TNTrapshooter 04-16-10 11:27 AM

You might try they can ship it fast.

Good Luck,

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