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tatfiend 04-23-10 12:48 PM

Dinotte 400R Taillight Review
I went ape and did it, got the Dinotte 400R taillight and got it installed on my Civia Hyland Rohloff last night. Dinotte had it on sale when I ordered so not quite as outrageously priced as usual. The Civia also has a Supernova dynamo taillight installed. I am a belt and suspenders type sometimes ;-)

Tried it in the garage last night and the output is INTENSE.:thumb: It makes the output of the PB Superflash look like an anemic glowworm in comparison when tested side by side.

Six modes are available, three non blinking light intensities and 3 blinking modes. The one I like is 4 bright flashes in about a second, a short pause and then repeat. Between flashes the light is on at low intensity. For group rides the steady low output setting is suggested or your riding partners will hate you and make you be tail end charlie!:eek:

Body size is about the same as the PB Superflash but machined Aluminum. Weight of the light head is a bit greater than the Superflash with batteries installed.

I made up a mounting plate to mount it to the Civia rack. The light head has three threaded holes in the back for mounting. Two are used by the factory mounting brackets. If doing this you have to be careful that the screws are not too long. The factory screws that mount it on the normal included tube clamp mounts only go in about 3mm and they will bottom out and possibly damage things if they go in more than 4mm by my measurement. No mention of this in the instructions or seen on the Dinotte web site.:notamused: The mounting holes are standard 4mm Metric.


VERY Bright.
Clamps included for tubes from 12mm to 31.8mm tubing diameters.
Numerous modes available.
Workmanship appears to be excellent.


Not quick release. To remove a screwdriver is needed.
Uses a separate battery pack like a high power headlight.
Rack mounting using the rack taillight mount is a DIY project.
Instructions could be better.

IronMac 04-24-10 06:28 PM

Thanks for the review tatfiend! Where did you mount the battery?

duppie 04-26-10 11:44 AM

Great review. I generally agree on your comments. One thing to add is that all Dinotte lights have almost the same UI. meaning they have the same lighting patterns; the same buttons to push; and the same battery indicator (only the 800L I have differs in the battery indicator)

I've used mine all winter long for my Chicago commute. This light is so bright that 1. people regularly comment on it's brightness and 2. I find (based on anecdotal evidence) that drivers give you a wider berth on city streets.

PaulRivers 04-26-10 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by tatfiend (Post 10713663)
For group rides the steady low output setting is suggested or your riding partners will hate you and make you be tail end charlie!:eek:

Actually, I (and several other people on bike forums) have the half-as-bright 140L, and it's completely unusable on group rides, even on low and steady. It's still to bright. I'd add this as a disadvantage, I actually had add a regular rear blinky for group rides. And that's not a theoretical opinion - people have complained, to me, in person. Search other threads for other people who have had the same thing happen.

One of these days I'll have to try driving behind one in person. It's always seemed to me like putting it on blinking mode at night was obnoxious, rude, and actually reached the point of blinding a driver behind you as it's nearly point right at their face (unlike the front light which isn't point into their windshield) - however, I haven't tried it myself so I'm not saying I know for sure. Seemed like it would be a good rear light on high for riding along a 50mph+ highway at night (probably your only good choice), and blinking would be nice for adding visibility during the day - about the only rear light you could actually *see* during the day.

tatfiend 04-27-10 12:42 AM


The battery is mounted in my rack pack but can also be mounted to the Civia Hyland's rack bars with the included wide velcro strap. The light and battery pack could also both be mounted on a seatpost but I have a under saddle toolkit bag mounted there already.


For group riding, which I seldom do, I will probably just use the Supenova dynamo taillight I also have mounted.

IronMac 05-01-10 05:35 PM

Thanks tatfiend!

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