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Tony N. 04-26-10 10:15 AM

Newbee problems with bikeroutetoaster and ridewith gps, please help!
I am new to these or any for that matter, mapping sites. Taking baby step to ease into it. I feel so dumb. All I'm trying to do at this point is plot a route and then save it, file it, and print it. (Both the map and the cue sheet.) Later I will get into the "how do I export or what ever it to my gps and then how do I use the gps to follow the route". Here's where I'm at. I reg so I can log in. I try to follow the tutorials and just start clicking. I usually get started in bikeroutetoaster and after a few turns, I will notice the cue sheet has stopped and is behind a few turns. What do I do or what did I do? Usually I just erase all points and start over and repeat the process.:notamused: Then follow the same step and expect different results but it just happens all over again.:crash: This example of where I am is with bike route toaster. I joined ride with gps but I can't make it work for me either so I would appreciate a step by step from an actual user of these or any others that you think I could master as the tutorials are expecting too much from this old dawg.:lol:
Please somebody help me.

Tony N. 04-27-10 06:42 PM

I'm looking for some help here. Anyone?

jeanluc 04-28-10 10:24 PM

I've just tried ridewithgps and it worked fine for me. You create a route, then when you look at your Profile/Routes, the route is there and has a few links under it to export as a route, track, KML and so on. You click on either of the first and you get the GPX file.
The cue sheet looks ok as well. What browser are you using? It's possible an older one (IE6-7) interact poorly with the site. Try the latest Firefox or Chrome.

zoste 04-28-10 10:55 PM

I had no problem with bike route toaster plotting a 70 mile ride and sending it to my Garmin.

I (literally) just went to ride with gps, plotted a route, clicked on "save", and it saved. There's also a "print" button, but I don't have a printer so I don't know if it works.

Jeanluc might be right about your browser. I'm using Firefox

Tony N. 04-29-10 05:35 PM

Thanks for the replies. I've got Firefox also. I'll try again. What gps device are you using? The example I gave was with bikeroutetoaster. I've got a got a lot to learn. I am researching a gps that has bicycling as an alternative routing and will give voice prompts. What I'm looking at is Nuvi and TomTom just for navigation only. Want to be able to plot out a route and then download it to my gps and print out a route sheet for backup

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