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Carrotious 04-28-10 03:56 PM

which supernova...
have setup my stratus xp recumbent with a front Shimnao 3N80 hub and am looking at the supernova range... its a touring bike and am setting out this summer for a couple of aprox 500 km tours. however i'm not sure which model to go for. i see the new e3 pro is asymmetrical so less glare but is it really a big issue... do i just go for the triple, it looks like i could light up a football pitch...
i'm in berlin over the weekend so i'll pick one up there...

Cheers yall

paul2432 04-30-10 02:55 PM

I am buying the E3 Pro Glare free for my Surly Long Haul trucker. Everything I've read indicates that the Triple is simply too bright for road use. I may also use a more diffuse battery powered light like the Planet Bike Spot on my bars or helmet for added visibility.


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