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bmt074 04-29-10 10:01 PM

Favorite spoke/valve/frame lights
I recently picked up a second project bike and am interested in putting some fun lighting onto it. What are some of your favorite (and reasonably affordable) led lights for the wheels or frame?

Seagull01 04-29-10 10:44 PM

Depends on what "reasonably affordable" is, and how much you believe in the idea that cool has no price tag.

Just to start off, here are some of the things I have found.

LED underbody kits. Made for an ATV but can be used on a bike. Note that Google will turn up many more hits for "LED under body kit".

LED valve caps - require presta adapters.

Spoke lights.

More spoke lights

If you are OK with DYI projects

Really, there are a lit of options available.

bmt074 04-29-10 11:16 PM

Very neat! Thanks for the links... Truth is I'll take a look at any lights regardless of the price :).

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