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wild animals 05-30-10 01:53 PM

CygoLite Milion 200--Best Deal for $86?

I can get a CygoLite Milion 200 for $86 with my REI dividend and 20% coupon. Is this the best light I can get for $86 or less?

I am sort of clumsy, so I can't coddle my lights, and I live in Oregon where it gets cold and rainy. I would use the light on paved roads that vary from good condition to terrible, and my speeds range from 9mph to 22 (usually around 13mph). I am most interested in helmet-mounted lights without external battery packs. I want the battery to charge quickly and, if I do end up with a bike-mounted battery pack, it should detach quickly so I can bring it in the house to charge. I'd really like at least 3 hours of runtime.

I have a Planet Bike 15w halogen, but it takes so long to charge, is so irritating to attach and remove, and runs down so quickly that I never use it. Also it doesn't have a helmet mount, which I really wanted one time when I thought I was being chased by a mountain lion but I couldn't turn the light to investigate :)

Thanks for any guidance!

wrafl 05-30-10 03:36 PM

That's a very good price at REI with the 20% off coupon. I ordered one on e bay for $87.16 with free shipping yesterday and the sale is to end tomorrow. I already have the 150 which I also ordered on e bay for $89.95 with free shipping. Now I will have 2 Cygolite Milion, one on the handle bar and the other on my helmet. It's a good light very bright compared to some other lights I owned.

wild animals 05-31-10 02:16 PM

Thanks wrafl! I wish I could see how it compares to my Planet Bike light. My head is spinning from all the choices. I think I'm going to wait on it, since I already have a light and I just bought a new car. haha. :o But in a month or two I might bring my light to REI and see how they compare!

ccd rider 05-31-10 04:25 PM

Since you don't seem too hard pressed to get a new can wait for a deal and look at other places.

I was able to purchase a Cygolite MityCross 350.....significantly brighter than its single light cousin, the Million......for ostensibly the same price. It was on sale at Performance Bike for $99 (regular price $199).....then I just happened to be fortunate enough to be shopping at the store during their 10% off lunch time bargain. Final price right around $90. It's an awesome light for that price. Small, lightweight, and plenty of light output. It's also easy to charge, and what's more.....with the extra 150 lumens on high vs. the Million, you can actually run it on a lower brightness setting and not to have to charge it as often.

Not saying you will find a deal that sweet, but sometimes it pays to be patient and not limit yourself to something at a certain base price.

wild animals 05-31-10 05:19 PM

I am a deal maniac so that is music to my ears. Thank you! I'll broaden my horizons :)

bleedingapple 06-12-11 12:04 AM

way after, but I have gotten a million 150 and 200 at the used gear sale for $10 each. all they needed was some JB Weld love. I will say this. if you ever drop the light it will break. they for some stupid reason use very brittle plastic. A huge design flaw if you ask me, fr a light that price. Anyway, I would only buy one full price from a place that will warrantee the drop factor...

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