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ed 06-02-10 08:57 AM

1100 Lumen Micro Light finished with beamshots...
Well...I finally got it up and running...

Done with the square one. I'm diggin it...very nice!

Square one:

TrailTech in-line switch and connectors: battery PCB with "fuel gauge":

I have actually PlastiDipped the battery now A'la turned out really nice.

Quickie back yard beam shots--

Reference [SSCP7 at 2.8amps]
About 12" to the right of the camera:

L332 Square about 12" to the left of the camera:

SSCP7 right next to the camera to illustrate the beam intensity:

Triple XP-G right next to the camera:

I initially installed the frosted medium optics, but it was so much flood that I couldn't fathom using it on the trail. Reminded me of an over-volted halogen. Beamshots above are with the clear narrow optics. Much more useable beam.

I think I'm gonna sell it so I can build more. (I have an illness:D) Here's the link.

aliensporebomb 06-03-10 12:59 PM

Crimeny that's bright! I wonder what kind of battery life you'd get in real world conditions.

"Honest officer, I got blinded by a UFO with a guy wearing a bike helmet on top..."

ed 06-03-10 01:35 PM's about 1.5hrs + on a 2-cell 18650 pack. If you ran it on a MagicShine'esque 4cell pack, you'd get about 3-3.5hrs. It's a much more efficient LED than the SSC P7, so in achieving similar waste less energy.

Ziemas 06-04-10 09:22 AM


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