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Plow13 06-02-10 09:27 PM

Muvi Micro
anyone have any experience with these?

dorkypants 06-03-10 07:41 AM

I have one. I works well for what it is. Don't buy the Veho-branded one though, you can get the same device under different names from places like for $20-30. They're all Chinese-made.

The good: surprisingly sharp focus and reasonably fast exposure auto-adjustment as lighting conditions change. Mic has decent sensitivity for recording audio (though it's usually swamped by wind noise when used on a bike).

The bad: Dynamic range for contrast is limited. No image stabilization. Only a blinking LED to indicate whether it's recording or not; i.e., no audio feedback when used as a helmet cam. No immediate way to tell if your aim is correct, you can only see after the fact when you download the recording to your computer. No plug to cover the USB port or the microSD slot to protect them from weather. Battery only holds enough charge to run 1-2 hours. Standard package only has spring-clip mount.

Untested: VOX (sound-activated recording) -- it's pretty pointless on a bike as you have constant wind-noise while you're in motion.

dougmc 06-07-10 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by dorkypants (Post 10906188)
Untested: VOX (sound-activated recording) -- it's pretty pointless on a bike as you have constant wind-noise while you're in motion.

Actually, I've found it to be quite useful on the bike, as it allows me to turn it on (the wind/traffic/etc noise makes sure it's always on!) without taking my helmet off to make sure that the blinking light is in the right mode -- push both switches up, and I know it's recording.

But for actual voice activation? I wonder if the battery lasts long enough in standby mode to make it really useful anyways.

I have the Veho version. The dealextreme version is pretty different, even if the form factor is the same --

... though for 1/3rd the price, it's likely a better deal unless it's crap. I've gone ahead and ordered the DE one, to see how it is.


Looking at the DE version more carefully, it looks like it's based on the same chips as the "808" keychain cameras (the timestamp is a dead giveaway, as are the filenames in their sample videos), which I do have several of (they were only $13 each!) Which isn't all bad, but they do have some quirks. I'll bet it's got the same two buttons, which are hard to turn on without looking at the camera. And it's got that annoying timestamp added to your video that can't be disabled, and while you can set the clock, it doesn't stay accurate for long. People have disabled it by changing the font in the firmware, but i"m not sure how practical that is.

The Veho camera is 3x as expensive, but it's also going to be better. But 3x better? That's debatable. It does look like the DE version comes with more mounts than the Veho version without the extra $20 kit, so that makes it a better deal.

And really, can the Veho version claim "An optical transducer to steal tens of looks due to their size and design that is so strange" ?!?!?!?!

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