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rodar y rodar 06-16-10 05:40 AM

"DyNo tte" tail light?
Just dreaming here, mostly. Does anybody know of an off the shelf high powered dyno tail light along the lines of a DiNotte? I`m thinking it would really be nice to run in the day time, then divert power over to a full strength headlight and standard tail light after nightfall. Does it sound as cool to the rest of you as it does to me, or am I just being a dork? Any pitfalls that might not be obvious?

unterhausen 06-16-10 08:39 PM

I'm building one. I run my dyno all the time. Hoping to run the dyno taillight at night. I'm putting it under the chain stay so I don't blind other riders.

rodar y rodar 06-16-10 09:12 PM

Well, since that idea has occurred to you too, I guess it isn`t too dumb. But since you`re building it yourself and nobody else chimed in with a premade, it looks like there aren`t any commercial options for it.

Did you mean to write that you plan to use dyno HEADLIGHT at night and a super tail light in the day? Are you going with a red diode or white with colored lens? I never turn off my dyno lights either, but I kind of like the idea of more light in back for the daytime- currently have a plain ol` Seculite back there day and night.

PaulRivers 06-16-10 11:13 PM

In theory, you could just swap a lens. The current Dinotte 400L let's you swap lenses that do different things (wide angle, super wide angle, narrow angle). Though that wouldn't work for your application, as actually doing it requires removing and reinstalling a bunch of tiny screws. Just sayin' - obviously one could have a red tint and be wider angle, the other clear and more narrow.

But I don't know of anything that currently does what you're talking about, no.

unterhausen 06-16-10 11:29 PM

actually, just putting a red tinted lens on a white led doesn't work well at all. They are just too white.

I want to run my super dyno taillight and headlight at the same time. I'm using a red LED.

There are some reasonably good dyno taillights, but I guess you realize that. There just isn't anything nearly as bright as a Dinotte. The reason I haven't done it to date is that one of the high power red leds is just too much if you are running the wrong kind of optic. The optic I'm using should spread the light fairly well over a wide angle.

rodar y rodar 06-17-10 05:19 AM

Thanks, guys. I suspect Unterhausen is right about the colored lenses, but I guess it`s worth a try. I do have an extra LED headlight to play with- might as well try filtering it with a hunk of automotive tail light plastic or something and see how it does.

unterhausen 06-17-10 11:11 AM

I wonder if you could do an emitter swap on something like the PB Blaze Dynamo light.

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