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goodboynyc 07-14-10 08:49 PM

Good cellphone bike mount?
I'm looking for a good cellphone bike mount but all I've are ones that are large enough to hold a brick.

chasmm 07-15-10 06:59 PM

Some more info might be a little helpful...

What type of phone? Are you looking for a mount that lets you use the phone on the bike, or just one that stores it in a handy location?


badamsjr 07-15-10 08:50 PM

I got a few Topeak holders to use on my bikes, and they are a little bigger than the holder I use on my belt, but nowhere near as big as a brick!

Giro 07-15-10 09:02 PM

Would a wrist mount work for you?
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If the phone is small and you just use it as a phone and not as a GPS/wattage+cadence+speed+etc. data logger, you might consider a wrist or arm mount. This isolates the phone from road vibration, you can answer a call without removing it from a mount (or dropping it), buy one mount but use it on multiple bikes, and the phone stays with you when off the bike. I was quite skeptical, but when wearing this on the inside of my left wrist I almost forget the phone is there.

I got mine from My flip-style phone has a small antenna so I was able to buy his $5 special and as he states, the lettering that transferred to the clear plastic rubs off to the point it is not an issue.

goodboynyc 07-15-10 09:59 PM

I have a regular candybar phone at the moment but I plan on getting some sort of Andriod phone in the future; Which particular Andriod phone? I'm not sure. Probably something along the lines of a HTC Hero like phone.

But the armband/wrist band doesn't sound like a bad idea. Thanks.

chasmm 07-16-10 06:29 AM

I use the Topeak Handy E-Pack on my hybrid. It holds an iPhone, and if you put an extended battery pack on the iPhone it will hold that as well. You just have to stretch it a little.

It comes with a strap attachment and you can get a replacement steerer cap that has the attachment built-in:

The only downside is that the display is hidden, but the phone is available for easy access.

Topeak also has several other phone packs can check them out at


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