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Sammyboy 09-20-10 10:18 AM

Magicshine Triple Light Head
I looked, but couldn't find a thread on this. Does anyone know what the deal is? My Magicshine is performing perfectly after a year, but if this added any advantage, I might be tempted to give it away to friends and try another. Looks like it must be two throwers and a flood, or something?

Sammyboy 09-20-10 12:22 PM

Nevermind, found it now.

colleen c 09-20-10 01:05 PM

Something to consider with that light over the MJ 808 (MS900), Look at the beamshot at the MTB forum. It looks like the 1400 light does not have the same beam pattern as the original MS900 light (main light on only without the other side lights). The member over there has took apart the light and the reflector are different.

I just got done researching for a second light to buy. I came close to buying the 1400 but prefer a better throw and it seam the 1400 has more flood than throw although I cannot confirm that personally because I don't own one. So instead I ordered a MG X thrower flashlight from Shiningbeam.

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