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Zero_Enigma 09-21-10 07:19 PM

Blue LED or blue tube light on bicycle downtube question.
Just curious if having a blue downtube is legal? I'm in Canada here and I've got a Dinotte tail light which I love on strobe mode. I made a DIY cube light with a DX regulator that strobes as well which gives me an ambulance effect but I'd like to know if I can put a blue downtube on the bike?

IIRC the front light options are yellow/amber/orange/white only and the back tail lighting is red/red-orange for strobe or steady lighting settings in Canada that is (Toronto speficially). AFAIK you can use any color on the downtube as I recall seeing something on the TV a few times of the L.A Midnight Riderzzz on some show called 'G Word' a while ago where some of them had multi colored downtube lights on thier bikes of different colors or single color and the typical white front and red back lighting.

xizangstan 09-21-10 08:03 PM

Hmmmm... I don't know about the law, but you might confuse the motorists. This time of year, they might confuse you with a Christmas Tree!

Zero_Enigma 09-25-10 01:47 PM

I liek the tri color effect but I don't think I can strobe the blue or I'll get problems. Need more feedback.

xizangstan 09-26-10 07:33 AM

You might check with local law enforcement for advice. I'm thinking that flashing blue and red lights are reserved for law enforcement and emergency vehicles, like ambulances and fire-rescue trucks. Then again, maybe bicycles are exempt.

I know that for all emergency units that run the red-blue or red-green light bars, red is supposed to be on their left side and the blue or green is for the right. Has to do with international rules of lighting aircraft, boats, ships, etc.

Then again, as we approach the holiday season, you're going to be seeing all sorts of primary colors out on display everywhere.

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