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hiker88 09-22-10 02:02 PM

Edge 800 Bundle Question
I was getting ready to buy a Garmin 705 until I learned more about the Edge 800. I've decided to wait for the Edge 800 but I am unsure what version to go with.

On an earlier BF thread about the 705, someone suggested I should buy the 705 bundle that comes with everything but the SD card. They suggested buying a generic sd card and the City Navigator DVD from Garmin so that the maps could be installed on both a PC for planning and the 705 for riding. Another person seconded that plan but suggested as the mapping software.

I thought I would do the same thing with the 800, but a bundle with everything but the SD card with maps doesn't seem to exist:

Does anyone know if this was the case with the 705 (additional bundle types added over time)? I'm wondering if I should wait for the bundle or just buy the base unit and then buy the rest (cadence, hr strap, sd card, some type of map software) later.

I wanted to hold off on buying the City Navigator until I got a chance to try out Where I live in, I don't think they've made a new road in 50 years, so I think I'd have a shot with openstreetmaps.

Another thing that is confusing to me is that on DCRainmakers blog he says that the 800's SD card comes with a cable to conect it to the PC so you can upload maps to to the PC from the SD card. Is that different that the 705?

Thanks everyone

luv2climb 09-23-10 09:40 AM

More bundles will probably be offered later. I agree with the other folks that you should get it without the SD card pre-loaded with maps. While the maps on SD card are just fine the DVD give you the added feature of placing the maps on your computer and allows you to plan routes on the larger screen. I would go with the base unit and buy the HR strap and cadence sensor.

The cable that DCRainmaker is referring to in his blog is just a standard USB cable to connect the Edge to your computer. There is no seperate cable for the SD card. When the card is in the Edge and you plug the Edge into your computer it shows up as an external drive. The maps on the SD card can be copied to your computer but are view only, they will not allow you to use them for route planning. To get the full route planning on your computer and load maps to an SD card you will need the DVD.

I have not worked with the openstreetmaps so can offer no input on them

hiker88 09-23-10 12:36 PM

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I was 99% sure I did not want to go with the bundle but that comment I read about the cable had me totally confused. I definately want the ability to route plan on the PC.

Thanks again.

HawkOwl 09-23-10 01:29 PM

When I bought my 705 I went through the same decision process regarding mapping. In the end I decided CityNav on the SD card was the best way to go. At first blush it sounds attractive to have mapping information on both computer and 705 in practice it just isn't that useful if you also use the mapping information for navigation when traveling. To me the only benefit to the 705, and now the 800, over other units is the ability to navigate on the road system. To use that with the SD card is easy. To use it with CityMap on DVD requires you to take a laptop along to do the planning because the DVD is locked to a specific unit and cannot be changed.

So, to me the way to go is buy the unit with CityMap on SD card. Then, if your use matches, to use the openmaps software on a separate SD card.

TysonCook 09-30-10 07:19 PM

....I'm in the same boat, I have a Garmin 305 with cadence senson, HR strap, I don't want to buy another if I can buy the SD card seperately, or just download and install a 3rd party vender version...

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