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agarose2000 09-28-10 09:22 PM

Where do you mount your MS battery and wrap the cables?
Wondering how y'all MagicShine users mount your MS battery and secure the cabling?

The battery is smaller than a standard water bottle, so I've been velcroing to the frame, and running the cabling through it (I run a MS rear taillight as well)

Flandry 09-29-10 01:51 AM

I have the old battery without the can. I use the velcro to secure it around the top tube and use a rubber band in a Lark's head around the d-ring of the cover to hold it against the seat tube. A couple wraps of the cable around the top tube en route to the head and it stays out of the way.

JimF22003 09-29-10 03:22 AM

I keep it in a Bento Box.

xtrajack 09-29-10 04:38 AM

Mine lives in a front bag over the wheel (with the e-assist battery & controller). The light head itself is mounted on the rack that holds the battery bag, so the wire pretty much stays in the bag.

The Down Low Glow's battery and controller live in a little bag under the top tube/seat tube junction.

colleen c 09-29-10 07:30 AM

My battery is inside a cylindrical 2x4 inch container made by Viewtainer. It has rubber cap on both end to keep moisture out and sold by Home Depot. It rest horizontally behind my seat post and between the rack. I got the Y cable there going to my tailight and extension. A very small portion of the extra cable goes inside the container. The container is nice because if the battery ever does overheat and catch fire it is not inside my pannier bag where it can be hard to get at while I am on the train.

The extension run under the top tube most hidden by my oversized Airzound bottle. The MS front light is on an extender next to a flashlight. The wire is hooked to the extender cable and all extra cable is coiled up around the unused section of the bar extender and tape up to keep it uncoiling. I don't use a wireless bike computer so the coil wire or the cabling route will not be a interference issue.

no motor? 09-29-10 07:42 AM

The battery is in the rack trunk and the cable is wrapped around the top tube and stem.

ItsJustMe 09-29-10 07:53 AM

My battery is in the rack trunk, wrapped in a plastic bag with a zip tie around the wire (mine is 1st generation with a non-waterproof battery). It plugs into a Y cable zip tied to the rack, the taillight excess wire is in a small loop zip tied to the rack, the headlight cable is just secured along the top tube with electrical tape (I have a black frame).

Richard Cranium 09-29-10 09:43 AM

You could wrap the battery in old innertubes, and use any bungee or velcro strap you want. A typical mountain bike 26x1.50 tube will make a perfect battery cover -stretched long-ways over the battery. The innertube rubber is a very non-slip material as well.

chipcom 09-29-10 09:52 AM

handlebar bag

AdamDZ 09-29-10 11:23 AM

Front pannier, along with the Airzound bottle and spare battery.

buzzbee 09-29-10 07:03 PM

older non-sealed battery type, wrapped inside a mtn bike tube, then attached to the top tube with a velcro strap and a spongy spacer to prevent mechanical wear. The front, rear lights, and all wires all are removed quickly with velcro straps when I need to leave the bike locked up outside somewhere.

digibud 10-01-10 11:38 AM

I've kept mine on the top tube (I have the old kind and always have three batteries and a backup light with me) but now I realize I should put them in a handlebar bag with a chem heater to keep them warm....very good idea. thanks !

robabeatle 10-01-10 01:18 PM

Battery strapped around my frame pump

datlas 10-01-10 03:23 PM

I just wrap it around the top tube near the junction with the head tube.

TRANS4M 10-08-10 07:49 AM

velcro'd to the water bottle cage

jayr 10-08-10 08:59 AM

I just got mine and am still working out the tail light mounting location, but I put the battery where I put the one from my old light, in a seat pack attached to the top of the seat stays between the front of my rack and the seat post. I stuff in the whole Y cable and connections in it then the cable just gets wrapped around the top tube. Easy to take on and off and the seat pack is big enough that I can stuff the whole set up in side if I needed to and take it with me.

Not the Slowest 10-14-10 08:02 AM

Under my stem, using the original velcro bag and an extra velcro strap just in case

z90 10-14-10 08:20 AM

Velcro around the top tube. Fits perfectly between a cable-stop and the head-tube. Wrap the cable around the handlebars a couple time, and then wind it down the cable housing to the battery.

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