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slorollin 09-29-10 11:08 AM

Saik Lights
Saik Lights

Anyone heard of these? My brother, a firefighter told me that a case of these were donated to his department and the men are fighting over them. He doesn't know how long they will last yet but they throw a powerful beam using 3 AAA batteries. He says they are easily as bright as the dept.'s 4 D cell Mag-Lites. 1st thing they did was hit some with a fire hose and they got a little dinged up cosmetically but they all kept working. I "Googled" them but all I found was where to buy them and not much info on the lights themselves. Except that they're made in China along with most everything else.

CathastrophiX 09-29-10 11:28 PM

They are made by Romisen in China.

tFUnK 10-05-10 02:11 AM

i've got one of these and it works okay. feels like a quality flash light, though not the brightest, and the beam is not as "floody" as i would like.

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