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mechBgon 09-29-10 11:25 AM

Fibre Flare omnidirectional light stick pictures & comments
I got a Fibre Flare "shorty" in the yellow color to try out for side visibility. These are currently listing for about $27 on At the LBS, we'd probably sell it for $37.98.
Package contents (besides the light itself)
The rubber covers at each end peel back for battery installation. The grey button there is the ON/OFF button. The rubber covers should provide modest water resistance, but I wouldn't expect miracles.
The metal catch flips up for a AAA cell at each end. The + terminal points outwards at both ends.
The rubber straps are nice soft silcone rubber. They slide over the light's clothing clips.

And here are a few photos of the light on the bike. It's surprisingly bright.

And a quick indoor video clip:

Mr. Phisure 04-19-11 05:24 PM

Love these things. Have two on my Dummy, do a lot of rural highway and byway riding. Bright and get you noticed. Have turned everything else off (three headlights, four tail flashers) late at night on isolated gravel roads, the glow is just enough for a slow quiet ride

no1mad 04-20-11 07:30 PM

Hmm, I wonder if I could put one on my fork? I've got too much cluttering up my main triangle already...

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